Who is behind Brumbas.se?

Brumbas.se is the brainchild of Victor Pahuus Petersen, who single-handedly manages the operations, development, and infrastructure of the company.

Brumbas.se may not be a large corporation, but rather the passion project of an individual driven by a desire to learn, grow, and assist others. With several years of experience in the web hosting industry, Victor has continuously expanded his knowledge, delving into areas such as programming and hosting infrastructure.

Brumbas.se represents a personal journey of exploration and a commitment to delivering reliable and innovative solutions to its valued customers.

Victor P.

Brumbas.se Manager

A Unique Name with a Story

We understand that at first glance, "Brumbas.se" might seem unconventional. However, there's a hidden charm behind this unique name. If we ignore the ".", it becomes "Brumbasse," which translates to a bumblebee in English.

At Brumbas.se, our name is inspired by the industrious bumblebee. Like these diligent creatures, we work tirelessly to provide fast and reliable solutions. Our commitment to exceptional service and support is embodied in the name "Brumbas.se," reflecting our dedication to meeting our customers' needs.

Contact and details AS199175

Brumbas.se operates under the ASN number AS199175, registered at RIPE. We announce all our IP addresses from Denmark and are connected to NorthIX.

If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please note that for NOC-related matters, kindly reach out to us through our designated NOC email.

NOC: abuse@stacket.group